Love (your) Life.

 >un-learn the conditioning that does not serve you

>raise your standards and express your aliveness

Relational challenges are not a sign of failure but an opportunity for growth.

Relationships and how you relate every moment define your life. Life is Relationship. 

Self, Love, Intimate, Family, Work,.. everything is relationship. 

Raise your standards - The art of relating where intuition meets courage and curiosity. 

I have been working with clients since 2001. It has been a journey of (un)learning, lots of study and research, personal challenges and love. 

My work is dedicated to un-learn what does not serve and focus on the embodiment of aliveness. 

I know we can co-create a culture of well-being beyond what we can imagine today.  

Join me below. Welcome! 

Here are 7 indicators for relationship disconnect:

1. You encounter the same conflicts/issues again and again.
2. You are building resentment rather than talking about what is going on for you.
3. Disagreements turn into arguments and are escalating often.
4. You are spending little quality time together.
5. You are imagining or day dreaming about a different partner.
6. You are focusing more time on anything but each other.
7. You are having little or no sex/intimacy.

If you can identify some of these already in your relationship, it is wise to get some help. Be honest to yourself and your partner so that your relationship doesn’t deteriorate further.

Take action now and turn your relationship pains into (self)love!

Lieber Mensch, willkommen. Ich moechte Dich hier auch in meiner Muttersprache begruessen. Ich liebe die Natur, hier finden wir als Menschen uns selbst. 

Hier bin ich Mensch - hier darf ich Sein. (Goethe)

In meiner Arbeit bin ich am erkunden und erkennen der(meiner) Wahrheit, meiner Natur, die wir in unserem Koerper finden koennen. Spueren. Sein. Alles was da ist.

Ich lade Dich ein mit mir zu forschen, was gibt es zu (ver)lernen und wo oeffnen wir uns noch mehr dem Leben. Fuer tiefe Beziehungen & erfuelltes Leben. Mit Liebe, Lars

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Start today - a 28 day journey - Relating Reloaded

Receive simple yet powerful learnings in your inbox every day leading to deeper understanding and better skills for healthy & powerful relating.  Be inspired by guided self reflections, meditations and simple practises that will change your relationships and your life.

This program includes 2 individual sessions that will improve your clarity, spark your creativity and open new pathways for more nourishing relationships. 28 days that will change your life.

Relationship Rebirth - 9  month program - creating potent and alive relationships

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  • Feeling alive and exploring life in its fullest: Physical, energetical, emotional, spiritial. 
  • Diving deeper into self love, trust, understanding romantic love, communication and the art of co-creating loving and inspiring relationships.
  • Making an impact not only by consciously creating your life and living authentically but also by changing things around you through your personal inner work.

What Clients Say...


Melbourne, Australia. 

"The 28 journey Relationship Reloaded was a complete cycle for me . Small efforts go a long way creating positive change that you can feel within and observe through your impact in the outer world. Loving the skills learned and the flow of life. I never enjoyed the sense of discipline more in my life. Ready for more - I am surely going deeper because now I know there is so much more. "


Torquay, Australia.

"Thanks so much for our ‘mindful’ session. I really am excited to be bringing some Qi Gong back into my routine now, with the added bonus of bringing in more balance and strength into my body, and the mind. Thanks heaps, I enjoyed the ‘journey', and feel great now."

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