November 17


Always was – always will be. Reflections on NAIDOC week.

By Lars Richter

November 17, 2020

I feel a sense of trust hearing last weeks tag line.

Always was –

Always will be.

I feel connection to Earth, belonging to humanity.

There is a sense of a time line…. horizontal…

And vertical too… a universal law comes to mind:

As above – so below.

Is it spiritual…? …or is it science?

I believe that all that I am and ever will be, all my yearnings and all my parts of identity and belonging, exist right now.

I believe that there are many layers of reality.

It is about opening to what is.

The moment.

Opening means to be ready and willing to receive.

It is not about fighting for it. I remember the line “life is fight” from my childhood. It was about marching forward. Feelings were almost absent.

Can you feel what is?

Can you witness your very own presence?

Can you sense your energetic being?

You are more than your physical body.

Open your mind, your heart every cell of your body to the idea that you are allowed to relax and to receive with ease.

Combine your breath with a simple word.

Inhale: opening – or – I am open.

Exhale: relax – or – letting go.

After a few minutes:

Inhale: I am allowed to receive. …and feel it in your being.

Exhale: Choose abundance or love or …

Sit with this simple practise for as long as you need.

I feel connection to country. I sense my illusion of being in control.

I appreciate the wisdom and presence of our ancestors.

You may want to receive and open to the unknown, to your intuition.

You can only think about what you already know.

And you can only feel and sense into the unknown, beyond what you already know.

To think about the unknown makes people going insane.

Rational thought does not work there.

It needs something bigger than yourself.

Welcome in the unknown.

Sokrates is famous for his words: I know that I don’t know.

The idea was widely accepted and part of philosophical discussions.

Learning and sharing knowledge with an open mind.

Where do I withdraw, go inwards, to expand again, to stretch my boundaries.

How do I feel entering the unknown, sailing into the deep sea and throwing “normal life” over board.

I love framing things, setting a container to create an intimate space of trust.

We do need to feel safe. I am responsible for that, for myself.

Parts of me can die, normal things are not meant to last. Life will consume them.

Hanging onto normal things, afraid to change brings decay and death into life.

Expressing who you truly are allows for energy to flow.

I am aware of my commitments to my family, social and energetic contracts. They are part of life and thus need attention in the most trivial daily tasks. And they are normal, sure, but every day in a new way and ever evolving and changing. It is my responsibility to withdraw, open more to or set new boundaries on that journey.

I am human.

I feel that my role as a human on earth is to be fully expressed, fully embodied and present.

That’s it.

And yet.. that’s rather difficult.

Only looking at communication, expressing myself.

There are so many things I feel like doing or saying in the average week that I think:

“people wouldn’t like” or I judge myself already thinking

“I am not supposed to do that”.

I struggle with the big circus happening. Corruption, fake stuff from all directions and lies so big … to say and observe the least. Let alone all the rest of it.

Life is political. The current polarisation seems stronger than ever. Is it the antidote of all the equality work over the last 100 years?

Polarities are universal. Imagine a relationship without polarity. There would be no charge.

The often normal human impulse to label left or right, good or bad, up or down can die.

I have become aware of countless contracts with society, family and even parts of myself. It is my choice to terminate, change or keep them.

My path is to be me, present to what is.

I’m open to release any roles, energies and narratives I’m playing out that aren’t true to who I am. I do not need a new year or other special day for it. It is a daily practise.

In connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky. Always was – always will be.

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