June 14


Presence as fine art of relating.

By Lars Richter

June 14, 2021

Do you like martial arts?

I have practised several traditions over the last 25 years.

Karate Wing Tsung and Aikido,

Yoga and Thai Chi,

Qi Gong and Kungfu,

archery and sword fighting.

I love the element of presence and intention inherent in these forms of art.

Being (in) relationship is certainly a fine art.

And that element, the attention to the moment, perhaps has the most powerful impact.

When you go through your daily routines, responsibilities, exercise, meditation…

Where is your attention?

That is where your energy goes.

From moment to moment, the trick is to be present…

Yes, that moment and the next moment… be present to what is.

If you ask me, life is not a duty but a choice to be present.

Here is your task.

When you do your next practice, do it with intention.

Set it before you do whatever it is that you do.

Focus on that one thing. Nothing else.

What are your reasons?

Your goal(s).

What is your motivation… Why are you doing what you are doing?


I want to be fully present when engaging with my partner.

I want to see her/him like I never have before.

I want to reach deeper connection through curiosity and presence.

Or embodiment practise relating to nature:

Reason: to be in connection with my environment, to calm my being and witness the cycles of nature.

Goals: well-being and learning from nature.

Why: to allow my being to grow old, being healthy, flexible and switched on.

What is your intention when it comes to relating? Where is your attention in your relationships?

Remember: where you place your attention is where your energy goes. 

You can always reach out if you want support in cultivating more clarity, presence and focus in your relationships.

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**photo credit: yoo-soosang-from-unsplash

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