September 6


Rite Of Passage. Local community co-creating culture.

By Lars Richter

September 6, 2020

Our ancestors have been walking the land with wisdom and intuition.

120.000 or maybe 40,000 years – our ancestors knew that children do not become adults without an initiation processes – a Rite Of Passage. (ROP)

An initiation process brings a teenager into the understanding of responsibility. An authentic sense for action and consequence arises.

A teenager (average 15yo) has cognitive and emotional intelligence capable of taking responsibility.

The child part – we all still carry – wants to avoid responsibility. (making messes without facing the consequences)

You might have heard of inner child work as part of  persona development.

The child part of you will remain in control for your entire life if you never do the work to integrate it and grow up.

The child part of you will continue to run your life.

“Growing up” does not happen because you turned 18. Being an adult includes a changed relationship to responsibility. No longer is responsibility a burden you avoid (or try to as a child would do).

Adult responsibility: have you made an agreement between yourself and the universe? Do you know your purpose in life and does it include serving something greater than yourself?

An adult takes responsibility for her/his presence, purpose & focus. That includes time, energy, money, feelings, thoughts, choices, consequences and the greater community.

Not knowing about something is Ok. Facing the unknown is a responsibility  you can choose to take on.  Ignorance might be bliss – maybe short term. Ignorance means giving your power away and let others define the course of your life.

The necessity for initiation work may have faded from modern culture.

An ancient rite of passage supports young adults who are growing into the traditions of their culture. They duplicate procedures long proven to assure the survival of the tribe.

Modern culture is different from ancient cultures. How can we create a sustainable ROP in the 21st century for our teens?

Our culture is changing super fast. Plus the current political situation makes the future more unpredictable than ever.

The focus for modern initiation work is:

-on adults connected to principles and archetypes that are greater than the culture.

– sensing themselves as consciousness in action

– creating ever new ways of being and doing things that will continue to evolve the culture.

This difference in rites of passage is significant.

Modern initiation work deals with the young mindset and their believe systems.

The mindset that defended and protected the teen through childhood has now become a prison. Like a mature butterfly still crammed in its chrysalis, it becomes appropriate to expand.

Modern initiation work involves:

– well timed challenges through pressure and vacuum,

– exposure to a wide range of diverse influences,

– ignite internal archetypal structures that are maturing inside, and waiting for awakening and stabilising one at a time,

– includes clarification about Light and Shadow Principles, forces of nature that shape their destiny and hidden purposes,

– teach about matters of importance to the four bodies (physical, intellectual, emotional and energetic) including relationship, communication, healing, intimacy, harmony with nature,

There can be no guaranteed standard design for an initiatory authentic journey. Authenticity is not standardisable. The path of initiation must be unique. Igniting each person’s inspiration for providing their contributions to humanity is the goal.

My vision is co-creating with you, igniting each person involved with inspiration for providing their contributions to humanity.
As always, if you made it this far, thank you for reading my sharing – come say hi somewhere soon!

Contact me if you would like to get involved:

Adults-support-team: I will start a mens circle shortly leading to a boys ROP held in the Otway region.

Supporting family members of involved teens: Meeting to be announced.

This will be a donation based program aiming to sustain an annual program for the regional youth.

Thank you to Clinton Callahan for the inspiration writing this blog.

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