October 11


Routine and discipline – experience You.

By Lars Richter

October 11, 2020

Do you know your routine?

In the morning.

After lunch.

Are you aware of your evening routine…?

We all have routines. The question is: are you aware of it?

Think about it for a moment: what are the first few things you do in the morning? Can you recall what your thoughts are while waking up?

That is where it starts!

My first thought is a question. I ask myself: why is today going to be full of potential?

I start with feeling my body, stretching and while doing so I enjoy what I can do. I appreciate my body and feel gratitude for my body and life.

My second move is also happening before I get up.

I pull my knees towards my chest and stretch my lower back. I breathe into my belly, my core, my Hara and feeeeel.

Expanding, contracting, moving, appreciating…being grateful that I can!

I am enjoying my flexibility and open up to more abundance in vitality, creativity and beauty in life.

I love getting out of bed.

Instead of brushing my teeth I cleanse my mouth with organic coconut oil. You may have heard about oil pulling. Read up on it if you are curious.

That is the time to activate my body with some push ups, chin ups, dynamic sun salutations, leg work or sit ups. My body is guiding my practise. Your body has a chance to get rid of some excess carbs stored away (as fat) when you exercise with an empty stomach.

The last 28 days I started my days with an ice bath. The Spring morning temperature is between 1 and 8 degrees out here. Perfect for my rainwater bath in the paddock to be my ice bath without extra maintenance.

It has been a very enjoyable morning sitting. In ice cold water, looking over the frosty grass getting kissed by the first sunlight, it is a place of peace and calm.


Feeling calm.

Visioning. – Anything is possible.

Back inside…: a fresh pressed lemon juice with some clean, pure water. Some quick kitchen prep for later while feeling my cool body. Running the household in particular when my children are here is part of life and I love it.

It is such an invigorating feeling after the ice bath. I do feel super alive and clear.

The next step in my morning routine is stimulating my mind with planning my day before I jump into the shower. Questions are powerful. Writing with a sharp mind is sparking my whole being.

I do love my quick hot water rinse too, finishing with cold water though (as I have done with every shower for the last 3plus years).

I will share more about this practise in another blog. Using my Quantum Planer is my best strategy tool in my life.

Feeling fresh in my body, with a razor sharp & crystal clear mind and a super charged and activated energy I will sit down for a 20 minute of meditation.

There is a lot of meditation talk out there. Find your own style. Sometimes I do not feel like sitting. My favourite alternative is a 20 min Qi Gong practise. I choose what is best for me…today it was an active meditation!

Do what is good for you. And make sure you are honest to yourself.

You might wonder if I eat breakfast?

Haha,…. yes I do. I love having a coffee with my partner. Connection and shared rituals after my morning routine is magic. Some home baked organic sourdough, well fermented and no nasties … – with some organic butter and honey….yes… that is me… unless I  am on some different routine …like intermittent fasting.

And the time before I break my 12h+ fast, between sunrise and coffee, is my time.

It is a sacred time that gives me clarity, restores my energy and grounds me.

Love your body, your mind and your soul.

Love yourself. Love your life.

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