Hi. My name is Lars Richter.

Can you disagree with yourself tomorrow?  I am helping humans to relate authentically, understanding your narratives  and finding your truth. Let's talk about life, finding ways that support you to have the courage and awareness to face depths of joy and pain, and evolve to live your truth – always open to upgrade to the best version of yourself. 

Coaching for me began about 18 years ago in Halle/Saale, Germany. There I researched and experimented with creating better wellbeing solutions for my clients in my yoga school but also with companies like Deutsche Bank and the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in Sachsen-Anhalt.  

I have worked in many different projects, founded a couple of earth friendly companies in Australia and started my own business.

I have shown hundreds of humans a simple way to deepen relationship, improve communication and impact society to maximise leadership qualities in individuals and teams.

My greatest teachers are my two children.  

With gratitude, Lars.

Human Relating Coach, Narrative Yoga Teacher & Mentor, Workshop Facilitator and Transpersonal Counsellor. 

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