January 9


What is my true intention? ponderings & possibilities … You can get there!

By Lars Richter

January 9, 2021

You might have new goals for 2021…

You may have a burning desire or some wishes for 2021…

…or you transitioning into the new year without even thinking about it.

I always ask myself: what is my true intention? (for an action, project, the year…)

What if the entire universe is looking at you –

…and wants to know…:

What is your ultimate and true intention for ‘this’?

Do you know what I am talking about?

Are you feeling it?

In your heart?

In your whole being?

Are you feeling motivated to dig deeper…?

To feel into your future, into your heart… now… because you create with every thought.

You may as well make your thoughts truly yours! Conscious.

There are people motivated for sure, first days of the year.

Many fellow humans are feeling excited and ready for a change.

The question is: does it last very long?

The thing is, motivation isn’t worth much without a crystal clear and sharp intention.

And yes, being motivated is great.

But will your motivation be resilient against the ups and downs that life has to offer?

What is the meaning of all this ‘to do’? Have you asked yourself that question before?

I think here is a good question too: Am I of service with my vision to the community and future generations?

Change your life as life is changing.

Live with an intention that gives and asks you to give.

Giving is love.

How can you create abundantly growing and deepening relationships in your life this year?


It might be a smile in the streets, a thankful gesture in the grocery store,

a letter to your mum, dad, friend sharing your feelings.

It might be paying it forward at your local coffee shop or donating to a good course….

Being creative in that field is like starting fountains of love.

What do you bring to the ‘table of life’…?

How do you relate to self and others?

Well, …do something different (aka: change your habits and perspectives) & be yourself.

Here is my new offering for 2021.

It is a 28 day journey that is like a guided process to redefine yourself (your values, boundaries and priorities i.e.) and how you relate.

Get almost 50% off until the end of Jan21.

Code: Change8

Limited places.

Join the 28day journey with focus and intention.

I look forward to working with you individually.

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