October 29


What is the biggest relationship problem in the current times?

By Lars Richter

October 29, 2020

It is actually not different from the previous years,
It is not the lack of intimacy.
It is not the lack of connection.
It is not the lack of trust or loose boundaries.
I know it is the lack of active listening.
How are you listening to yourself ….and to others?
How self aware are you, listening to your needs?
How present can you be, listening to the other?
So what is happening when we do not listen to each other from a neutral space:
_ projection and judgement before the other person has even finished talking?
_maybe even interrupting…
_or formulating already a response instead of active listening.
_self criticism without confirming what you have heard.
_disconnecting while going into your past stories.
_loosing courage and relationship
_acting from fear, rage or doubt
You have a choice.
There is an incredible power in each moment.
Stay with it. Be present and trust…
Deep listening.
Can you observe and stay open? ….rather than react?
It takes courage to be vulnerable, to share and to listen.
The moment you become present to self and others,
magic can happen.
Deep listening to yourself and others creates clarity.
Clarity creates trust and safety.
Feeling met and acknowledged supports that.
Appreciating what is and understanding both sides allows for more connection.
I know clients who made time for a short meditation practise.
Result: they became 100% “better” listeners.
Self reflection is the first step. Creating more clarity for yourself.
It takes a little bit of dedication. Listening to others is the second step.
And it will change your life and your environment for the better.
Do you have the courage to choose the next step?
Action steps for you: Observe how you listen.
1. Comment or send me an email. It creates connection and meaning.
2. I am only a phone call away. I offer free sessions. Let’s have a chat.
Update and learn more relationship skills. Follow the process. Step by step. Simple.
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