March 24


What is the secret to attracting someone you are longing for?

By Lars Richter

March 24, 2021

Learning all the tricks and shortcuts isn’t it.

So may it be helpful…

To know yourself …?
To cultivate self love …?
To belong to all that is within you and around you?

Is it that place of belonging where you will experience love and where you get to know yourself?
Your narrative will reveal where you understand to belong.
Your narrative will show you what part of you needs more love.
Your narrative will help you understand who you are.

Are you done with meaningless relationships? …frustrating dating experiences and wanting more than “seeing someone”?

Are you questioning yourself or wondering if something is wrong with you? Or that you’ll never find a partner where you can be yourself?

Are you feeling too old? ..too smart? …too out of shape? …or even too successful?

Are you seeing happy couples everywhere…? …or wondering how you can spark up your relationship?

Are you asking yourself when will you find a partner that you can love and be yourself with? Whom you can tell all that you are, your hopes, ideas and dreams?

It starts with you. Change is only one step away.

Let’s get started.

Find out more about what holds most people back to experience genuine love.

After working with people in classes, workshops, counselling and coaching settings over the last 20 years you can imagine I’ve met a lot of lonely and heartbroken people. And I have been there too myself.
I know my experience and I know that all humans I worked with – no matter what their age, gender or profession – felt somehow the way you might feel right now.

Our society has been conditioned to some idea about love. I see a big misunderstanding about the cause of what prevents us from creating powerful and fulfilled relationships.

The good news is that if you understand the cause (of your lack of love and relationship) you can change your actions and create different results.

Running on old conditioning will most likely make things worse.

But you can learn to understand your self destructive patterns. You can cultivate a new way of being in a relationship.
It starts with yourself and will lead to going beyond a date with someone…
Find your partner for your journey in this life.

If you want short term results only you might have to look elsewhere.
I know this path is limited. I would like to take you further…. beyond how to flirt or how to get into bed with someone. It is not about advice for your first date or how to pick up women/men.

It is about finding yourself and living from that place. Powerful and authentic.

Are you looking for a partner feeling the connection in your soul? Someone to create fulfilled, lasting, open-hearted relationships? …living love on a soul journey?

It is a gift.
Reaching a point in your life where you are willing to go deeper, addressing the real cause of your relationship challenges.

Stop wasting your time avoiding because what you will find instead is like gold.

Would you like to know more…?

I know that everyone can attract love. I can help you find your path and make your small inner shifts that will have big, life-changing results.

And what I have seen many times, when you do the work and embody the little shifts, you can make every single “dating mistake” and it won’t even matter.
Because if you are yourself, authentic and loving, you are radiating beyond.

What are these micro movements I hear you ask…how to allow the little things to shift?
You will find the hindering little things in your beliefs, doubts, pains and fears. Insecurities and certain mindsets that stop us from knowing ourselves, from what we want or do not want.

Become the master of your thoughts instead of letting your thinking control your feelings and actions.

This is not gender specific. It is human.
Women and men can be unavailable, untrustworthy, cheaters, bitches and jerks.
The feelings that come with it are universal: unfulfilled, disconnected, unsupported, lonely, fearful, incomplete, … the list goes on.
And how we look at ourselves in that situation: lonely, afraid, not pretty enough, not smart enough, anxious….again, the list is long.

Let’s change the cause and you will change the way you experience love.

These shifts go deep, but with some guidance, they don’t have to be tricky.

In fact, you can start making them right now, and see immediate progress in your love life.

I invite you to start now, identify what these shifts are for you, how to make them, and how to make them last.

My program, 28 days Relationship Reloaded, is a simple yet unique journey identifying your narrative. And it’s guaranteed to help you make changes with lifelong results, if you are ready to make them.

You will Reload “the program”, your narrative, with your very own individual version of beliefs.
Letting go of emotions that no longer serve and opening new ways for receiving and giving love.

Break your unconscious patterns and destructive habits that are holding you back from the love and flow you want to live.

You can do it like many others before you, who identified and released these subconscious and destructive forces, reloading with healthy, loving ones.
You can walk that path too.

The 28 day program Relationship Reloaded will give you a bunch of tools and insides to cultivate self love but release the beliefs, feelings and habits holding you back from love.
Includes 3 phone sessions working 1 on 1, specific practises for daily life, body intelligence practices, breathing techniques and 3 meditations.

Studies show that we learn best when we involve more of our senses. I know that individual coaching is essential for progress. Audio meditations and exercises means you’ll be able to integrate these concepts and create real change on many levels.

It’s a integral journey for mind, body and soul. You are in charge.

And it’s the best way for you to finally find the love and relationship you want.

Understand your past,

Learn the fastest way forward,

Release hidden blockages,

Befriend selfishness and commitment,

Be proud of your boundaries and what you want,

Feel You and cultivate embodiment,

Use your instincts and your breathe,

Letting go of complaints and pains,

Listen deeply,

Become unlimited.

Cultivating Belonging and Connection all around you. Get started here.

Photo credit to the-hk-photo-company – unsplash.
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